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Amond Coaching runs a number of Camps throughout the year. Camps are run to coincide with school holidays and are aimed at promoting badminton in the clubs and schools in which they take place.


Camps run for 3 days, cost €30 per player and are limited to 20 players per camp. €10 from each player is returned to the club/school for badminton related investments.


For further information contact John on 0851656454 or email      

Badminton Stringing Service

If you play badminton, you know it's impossible to escape the badminton stringing process! Your strings will eventually break and you will have to restring your racket.

However, before you restring it you do need to understand string tension.


This is important because you will need to tell your stringer your desired string tension.


Badminton stringing guidelines 

  • 20-23 pounds for beginners

  • 24-27 pounds for intermediate and high performance players

  • 28-34 pounds for world class badminton players

Importance of appropriate string tension 

  1. Playing with the suitable string tension allows you to produce good power and control in your shots. 

  2. String tension that is TOO HIGH can cause injury to your arm. This can possibly lead to tennis elbow (common elbow pain from racket sports) and damage to your triceps muscle.

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String Tension and Sweet Spot

The term sweet spot is often used in badminton.

When the shuttlecock hits this “sweet spot” on the string bed of your racket, your shot will be very powerful! You’ll also hear a solid sound.

Rackets with LOWER string tension have larger sweet spot. This means it’s easier to hit the sweet spot with lower tension rackets.

As string tension increases, the sweet spot on the string bed becomes smaller. This makes it more difficult to make contact with the sweet spot.

This means you need to improve your technique before you increase your string tension.


Good technique allows you to hit the shuttle on the sweet spot.

Go for higher string tension IF you are able to consistently hit the sweet spot for every shot you take.

Although it is recommend that beginners start with low string tension, you should gradually aim to increase the tension of your string.


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NOTE: Low string tension results in less accurate shots. 

High string tension on the other hand, results in better shot accuracy. .   

Do Not Exceed Your Limits

Every racket also has a limit!

Between the racket shaft and the handle, you’ll find a ‘recommended tension’ (in pounds) statement.

The racket might be damaged if you exceed the limit. In this instance, you will not be able to claim warranty on the racket if it gets damaged.

Most professional players string their rackets over 30lbs, which exceeds the recommended string tension of the racket.

This means they risk breaking their rackets to achieve maximum performance. They can afford to do so because most of them are sponsored.

For us recreational players, DO NOT exceed the maximum string tension as recommended on our rackets.

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NOTE: A softer string bed makes the flight direction less certain.

 With a harder string bed, the flight direction is more certain.

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