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Summer Camps 2017

With the summer holidays fast approaching, it can only mean one thing; SUMMER CAMPS!!! Why not take this opportunity for your club/school to earn a little bit of extra cash and partake in our Schools Summer Camp initiative. This will provide pupils with the opportunity to improve on existing skills learned throughout the year and earn a little extra cash for their respective clubs/schools while doing so.

The Summer Camps are strictly limited to 20 participants and will cost each individual €30 each. €10 from each participant will go directly to their respective club/school allowing a potential €200 for schools to invest in badminton equipment. Each Camp consists of 3 days play; Tuesdays-Thursdays and last for 3 hours each day. This is exceptional value as only €10 a day will see each player receive expert coaching to further development. Camps run from

09:30 - 12:30 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It is recommended to bring a packed lunch and plenty of water.

The idea behind the camps is to get as many pupils as possible taking part in badminton over the summer months. With up to €200 from each camp going directly back to the school to develop and invest in equipment, it’s a great incentive for schools to run as many camps as possible and help promote the sport of badminton in the region.

Please contact Amond Coaching to make sure your school doesn't miss this great opportunity!!!

Amond Coaching is committed to helping schools provide their pupils with the opportunity to participate and play badminton. This is achieved by focusing on the development of badminton in schools, with a special focus on introduction of students/players to the sport and facilitating opportunities to play in all levels of educational facilities across the county. With this in mind I hope that you and your school avail of this opportunity and I hope to work with you again in the not too distant future.

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