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Schools Badminton

Amond Coaching works in a number of schools throughout the year. We cater for all ages and work with junior infants right up to 6th class pupils. The idea of school based badminton coaching is to introduce pupils to a non mainstream sport. In many cases this allows pupils who don't excel in team sports to really come to the fore and express themselves in a sporting capacity.








I am proud to say that as a result of school based badminton coaching, clubs throughout the country are thriving due to early introduction. An early introduction to badminton for primary school pupils, junior and senior infants in particular, has no doubt made the life of local coaches a lot easier as pupils are now attending clubs with the ability to at least serve the shuttle and thus avoids a lot of teething problems that often serve as stumbling blocks in a club environment.

If your child's school is interested in availing of Badminton Coaching please don't hesitate to contact John on

089 600 70 60 or email      

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