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Amond Coaching runs a number of Camps throughout the year. Camps are run to coincide with school holidays and are aimed at promoting badminton in the clubs and schools in which they take place.


Camps run for 3 days, cost €30 per player and are limited to 20 players per camp. €10 from each player is returned to the club/school for badminton related investments.


For further information contact John on 0851656454 or email      


Little Smashers Programme

The Little Smashers Programme is aimed at primary school kids of all ages and serves as an introduction to the fantastic sport of badminton. The course is run over a 5 week period is delivered by European Shuttle Time Tutor John Amond. This crash course will teach participants the basic skills of serving and returning the shuttlecock as they learn through play and will even see complete beginners participating in games at the end of the 5 week programme.

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The Little Smashers Programme main focus is to introduce primary school children to badminton in a fun environment and has to date worked in 12 schools around the South-East of Ireland. Once a school signs up to the programme, it will run weekly on a set day agreed with the school. This academic year 2023/24, classes will take place on either a Wednesday, Thursday or a Friday. Schools may choose from any of six 5 week periods in the academic year.   











The course will focus on each individual class and provide a 40 minute coaching session per class with a tailor-made 30 minute session for Junior/Senior infants. The programme will run from 9.30am-3pm at 40 minute intervals. (timetables are very flexible and can be worked out by each school individually)  

The total cost of the programme is €2 per child per week working out at a total of €10 per child. 

Session 1

Week 39-43

Wednesdays (September 27th-October 25th)

Thursdays (September 28th-October 26th)

Fridays (September 29th-October 27th)

Session 2

Week 45-49

Wednesdays (November 8th-December 6th)

Thursdays (November 9th-December 7th)

Fridays (November 10th-December 8th)

Session 3

Week 2-6

Wednesdays (January 10th-February 7th)

Thursdays (January 11th-February 8th)

Fridays (January 12th-February 9th)

Session 4

Week 7-11

Wednesdays (February 14th- March 13th)

Thursdays (February 15th- March 14th)

Fridays (February 16th- March 15th)

Session 5

Week 15-19

Wednesdays (April 10th-May 8th)

Thursdays (April 11th-May 9th)

Fridays (April 12th-May 10th)

Session 6

Week 20-24

Wednesdays (May 15th-June 12th)

Thursdays (May 16th-June 13th)

Fridays (May 17th-June 14th)

All equipment is provided by Amond Coaching. If schools do have badminton equipment feel free to use it and also encourage any child that has his/her own racket to bring it on the day. Please feel free to get in touch with any queries you might have and hopefully Little Smashers will be be working with you in the not too distant future.

Contact Details:


call: John +353 89 600 70 60

whatsapp: 089 600 70 60

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