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Amond Coaching runs a number of Camps throughout the year. Camps are run to coincide with school holidays and are aimed at promoting badminton in the clubs and schools in which they take place.


Camps run for 3 days, cost €30 per player and are limited to 20 players per camp. €10 from each player is returned to the club/school for badminton related investments.


For further information contact John on 0851656454 or email      

Fitness Tests

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The Beep test, The PACER (Progressive Aerobic muscular Run), The 20m Shuttle Run Test or the multi-stage fitness test, is a running test used to estimate an athlete's aerobic capacity. In the test, athletes must run from one line to another before a timed beep. Athletes must continue running back and forth, each time reaching the line before the next beep. Once one can no longer run, the test is over and the number of laps is recorded. As the test continues, the time between beeps gets shorter.

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