Amond Coaching is delighted to announce a new partnership with FZ Forza Badminton commencing in 2020. This partnership will allow the academy to grow in size and see performances raised to the next level. It is an honor to join team FZ Forza and with the Academy, represent one of the biggest badminton brands in the World. A huge thanks to Trevor and Alison Woods in The Racquets Shop for backing me and the academy going forward. Just this month FZ Forza and VICTOR joined forces and here is the press release that followed that merger:

"Two major players in the international badminton market are joining forces and significantly strengthening their position in the badminton industry.


Sports Group Denmark, which has been VICTOR’s distributor in Denmark and Norway for several years and which acquired the Danish badminton brand FZ FORZA in March 2019, is entering into a partnership with one of the world’s biggest badminton brands, VICTOR, on the future sale, distribution and development of FZ FORZA & VICTOR.


The partnership creates a strong constellation within the badminton industry, not only in Denmark but in Europe and worldwide, too. FZ FORZA is currently Denmark’s biggest badminton brand and positioned as number three in Europe, and by partnering with VICTOR, VICTOR and FZ FORZA will jointly strengthen VICTOR’s current position as number two in Europe. In addition, VICTOR’s top position in the global badminton industry will also be significantly increased.


Sports Group Denmark will handle all sales of both brands in the Scandinavian market, while VICTOR Europe GmbH will handle the sales of both brands south of the Danish border. At the Asian market, FZ FORZA distribution will from July 2020 be handled through VICTOR HQ.


The partnership will have a major strategic impact on all parameters, as the agreement comprises collaboration on everything from design and product development to sales, procurement, logistics, sponsorship and general marketing. The best of both brands will thus be utilised, which will be combined in the brands’ existing operation and development of collections, but without them resembling one another. The aim is for VICTOR to continue to be the major, dominant player in Asia and Europe. FZ FORZA, on the other hand, will maintain its success with the more clean-cut Scandinavian design and its pride in being “Innovated in Denmark”, which will continue to be used as a basis for maintaining its market position in Denmark and Europe alike.


In addition to profiting from all the general synergies, the goal of the collaboration is to grow both brands in all key markets and increase overall competitiveness". 






To see the full range of FZ Forza products click any of the FZ Forza images below to redirect to the The Racquets Shop 

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