TY Badminton

Amond Coaching runs a number of Camps throughout the year. Camps are run to coincide with school holidays and are aimed at promoting badminton in the clubs and schools in which they take place.


Camps run for 3 days, cost €30 per player and are limited to 20 players per camp. €10 from each player is returned to the club/school for badminton related investments.


For further information contact John on 0851656454 or email amondcoaching@live.com.      


This September, Amond Coaching is proud to unveil an exciting new Badminton Franchise.

 The Carlow Cavaliers

 The team will be comprised of a mix of exciting young talent and some experienced members most of whom have spent the summer training in our successful recent Summer School. 


The Cavaliers will compete in the South West Leinster Badminton League and have plans to expand and play more leagues as our players gain more experience. 

The ultimate goal is to bring badminton of the highest level in Ireland to Carlow and showcase it as the truly great sport it is. The Cavaliers will be working with local players as the season progresses and we will hope to  run a number of coaching workshops throughout the year.

2019/2020 SEASON 

Dublin and District Division 1 Mini League Winners

SWLBL Grade 1 Men's League Winners


SWLBL Grade 1 Mixed League Winners


SWLBL Grade 2 Men's Runner/Up